Author: Zach

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Better Bicycle Facilities, Off-Road Bike Paths = More Bicycling

More or less, bicycle infrastructure policy and its relationship to riderships was the topic of my 2007 master’s thesis. It’s been obvious to some of us for a long time that bicycle infrastructure policy needs to change in order to give bicycle ridership a big boost, and public health would of course improve from that, […]

May 22nd

Holland Video — Biking Is A “Way Of Life” (The Original Cool)

Below is a fun (& funny) video about Holland. Of course, biking is highlighted a bit. Biking makes life so much cooler, easier, more relaxed and carefree. It is used in (non-car) advertisements of all kinds simply to stick a cooler and more positive image on the product being sold. With bicycling at the center […]

May 22nd

How Bicycle Friendly Communities Are Evaluated (Infographic)

Several years ago, I was the director of an organization in the Charlottesville, Virginia region that got Charlottesville designated as a Bicycle Friendly Community (BFA). There were great guiding documents that the League of American Bicyclists supplied as part of the application process, but it certainly would have been nice to have this infographic* below […]

May 15th

Super Bike-Friendly Cafe In Zurich

This is certainly the most bike-friendly cafe I’ve ever seen: Using Google Translate, here’s the description under the video (translated from German): The city of Zurich presents the first Velokafi under the program Urban Transport 2025. The bicycle drive-in allows the coffee enjoyment, without getting off the bike. Idea, design, implementation: Serranetga AG Pretty cool. […]

April 22nd

New Bicycle-Friendly Universities

The League of American Bicyclists (LAB) recently announced new “Bicycle-Friendly Universities.” 14 universities were added, bringing the total up to 58. These 58 universities are located in 30 states across the country. Of these 58 universities, just one is rated Platinum, and 3 are rated Gold. Check out the LAB blog post for a bit […]

April 18th

Computers Like Bicycles For The Mind (Steve Jobs)

The most efficient species/vehicle on the planet: I studied bicycle planning (and planning in general) for my graduate studies. I recall learning that Congress in 1970 declared the bicycle the most efficient vehicle on the planet. There may be some fringe vehicles that beat it, but as far as common transportation vehicles go, I think […]

March 26th