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    Will Self-Driving Cars Make Our Cities Better Or Worse?

    When you talk about the future of transportation*, some of us think about more bicyclists and bicycling, and a more bicycle-friendly world. However, for the average Joe, I think the main thing that comes to mind these days is self-driving cars. Self-driving cars are actually getting much closer to commercial reality than many of us […] More

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    This Messerschmitt Is Super Sweet

    This isn’t quite a bike, but it’s pedal-powered and it’s awesome. It’s apparently called a Messerschmitt and it’s quite old, but the new thing about the one below is that it’s powered by human muscle and a bit of electricity. Here are more details from Jo Borras: Pedal-powered Messerschmitt is a Historic Human Hybrid (via […] More

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    Second-hand bicycles: Buying online vs. buying in store

    These days, more and more people are choosing bicycles as their preferred means of primary transport; understandably, as they provide various health and economic benefits as well as being an environmentally friendly alternative to getting around. Aside from that, riding a bike improves one’s cardiovascular fitness and is great way to keep in shape and exercise while getting […] More

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    Top Bicycle Cities In US Are…

    In case you were wondering which were the top bicycle cities in the US (or, to be more specific, which were the top cities for bicycle commute rates), a recent presentation given by John MacArthur of the Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium (OTREC) included a nice chart on just that, based on the 2012 Community Survey […] More

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    Bike Elevator For Treehouse (Videos)

    Treehouses have been one of my favorite things in the world for about as long as I remember. And, for that matter, bikes have held a position up amongst the best of the best for a long time as well. Combining the two almost makes me drool. Ethan Schlussler has done just that (combine bikes & […] More

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    Hammerhead — New Must For Cyclists?

    The Hammerhead is an interesting product for cyclists that is looking to get commercialized via crowdfunding site Dragon. There are a couple of particularly cool things about the Hammerhead. For one, connecting it with an iPhone or Android phone, you can get led along great bicycle routes “wherever” you are. And those routes will be […] More

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    Cargo Bikes Go Mainstream (PICTURES & VIDEOS)

    Cargo bikes are of course like the swiss army knife of bicycling. But they are really so much cooler than that. Bicycling, the most efficient (common) mode of transportation on the planet, is a super fun, simple, easy, and carefree transportation option. That (along with the fact that it doesn’t further heat up our planet) […] More

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