World Urban Rail Systems [Map]

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Since I’ve been writing about transit a lot lately, I thought I’d share this super cool map of world rail systems (from 2008). I actually ran across it looking for a photo last week for a post on the world’s first subway system. It’s apparently not very accurate, in case you were wondering, but definitely fun to look at. 😀

Hope you like it.

Image Credit: Annie Mole

3 thoughts on “World Urban Rail Systems [Map]”

  1. This map is super inaccurate! Just from a brief look I can tell you that the city I live in (Perth) has a rail system, and the city I am from (detroit) does not. The people mover certainly doesn’t count. Curitiba, for instance, isn’t listed and it has an amazing transport network. And Wellington, NZ doesn’t even make it on there, nor does Brisbane. I realise that it’s just a stylised interpretation of the Tube maps, but from my brief look it doesn’t appear to be all that accurate.

    1. Thanks for the input, so guess the person who created it was just having fun.Although, from the text on it, doesn’t sound like they were. Maybe just didn’t do the research very thoroughly or took too much creative license with it. I’ll add a note above.

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