China’s High-Speed Trains [VIDEOS]

We’ve written on China’s world-record-setting high-speed trains in the past, but I recently ran across these videos and thought they were worth a share. The first one walks you through a ride on one of the country’s bullet trains. Here’s a quote from the YouTube page:

Why fly when you can travel the 1000km between Guangzhou (Canton) near Hong Kong to Wuhan – which is halfway up China on the Yangtze River – in about three hours. The journey can be done in luxury and costs about $115. A very nice way to go. The electric trains are hypermodern, the ride is so smooooth and they even feed you en route.

The point of sharing this second video is to show how fast the trains whip by. Especially notice the other train passing by at about the 0:42 mark. Ever seen a train pass so quickly?

h/t Climate Denial Crock of the Week

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