High-Speed Rail to Save the American Dream?

California high-speed rail video screenshot
Screenshot of California high-speed rail video linked below.

The American Dream may be just that, a dream. Or, perhaps it is something we had access to in the past but no longer. Or, perhaps it is something just at the end of our fingertips. There are many ideas as to what the American Dream is, was, or could be. Scott Thill of Alternet recently went into good depth on the benefits of high-speed rail and how it could perhaps save “the American Dream.” Here’s the intro:

Crippled by economic depression and environmental catastrophe, the American dream is dead in the water. And with peak oil hot on its hyperconsuming heels, America is looking for solutions, and it may have found a good one in the form of an ambitious national high-speed rail network that would connect its metropoles and mid-size cities together in green solidarity. Better late than never.

“In the ’20s, the American way of life looked just like Paris,” U.S. High-Speed Rail Association (USHSRA) president Andy Kunz told AlterNet by phone in a wide-ranging interview. (Read the entire interview here.) “Everyone was living in big cities, riding street trains, no one had cars,” he added. “But the oil and auto industries, working hand-in-hand with the government, converted the country away from that system. America wasn’t born with the system we had now. So the American dream as we know it is somewhat of a myth.

Continue reading this excellent piece here: VISION: Can a New High-Speed Rail System Save the American Dream?

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