2011 Sustainable Transport Award Winner: Guangzhou, China

The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy recently announced the 2011 Sustainable Transport Award winner, which, as you can see, is Guangzhou, China. Its new bus rapid transit (BRT) system, which integrates bike lanes, bike share and metro stations was a big reason why it won.

Here’s a statement from Dario Hidalgo, a member of the selection committee:

China has come a long way in delivering low-cost, highly effective bus transit systems. The Guangzhou BRT is the most important addition to this remarkable growth. The city integrated the new system with its Metro and bike-sharing programs, providing a complete package of sustainable transport worth studying and adapting in other rapidly growing cities. It also re-introduces the concept of direct services: buses come in and out of the busway, reducing the need for transfers and providing passengers with the convenience of ‘one-seat’ service.

Read more about the award system and award winner on The City Fix.

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Photo Credit: wallace_lan

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