Author: Zach

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15-Year-Olds Catch Kidnapper On Their Bikes

This is just one of those awesome stories you have a hard time believing are true. Of course, the beginning of the story is quite depressing — a Pennsylvania man kidnapped a little girl from her front yard. Luckily, two 15-year-old boys on their bikes helped search for the girl and found her in the […]

July 19th

Vélib Celebrates 6-Year Anniversary (Infographic)

Vélib, Paris’ groundbreaking bike-sharing program that one could argue is responsible for the boom in 3rd-generation bike-sharing programs in major cities around the world (I would argue that), has now been around for 6 years. (Wow. Time flies….) To commemorate the anniversary, the Vélib team created the wonderful infographic below (h/t The Bike-sharing Blog). Check […]

July 17th

Volvo’s Cyclist Detection Technology Sort Of Misses The Point

Awhile back, Volvo Car Group announced that it was introducing the “world’s first Cyclist Detection with full auto brake.” At first glance, that sounded great. However, when I looked at it closer, it basically just said that “if a cyclist swerves in front of your car,” the car will stop. Hold on a second — […]

July 5th

Bike Commuting Soars In Washington, DC

DC has been growing its bicycling bragging rights and swagger over the past few years. New commuting data just add to that. Bicycle commuting in the city more than doubled between 2000 and 2011. Tanya Snyder of Streetsblog Capitol Hill writes: In DC, cyclists now make up 3.5 percent of commuters, a big jump since the […]

May 28th

Where Bike Commuting Grows Fastest (Infographics)

The League of American Bicyclists recently created some cool infographics about bicycle commuter growth across the country. In general, bike commuting has skyrocketed, doubling from 1.7 billion in 2001 to 4 billion in 2009. However, the growth has occurred to a much greater degree in cities and towns that have been designated as Bicycle-Friendly Communities by […]

May 23rd