Author: Leigha Staffenhagen

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Gifts For Cyclists

Let’s face it: Cyclists can be some of the most difficult people to purchase gifts for. They probably already have a bike setup that they like, along with all the necessary accessories. They’ve probably told you that they don’t need anything, that everything on their bike is already perfect. So, what is a loved one […]

December 3rd

Best Hitch Bike Rack

Whether you’re a casual trail rider or are preparing for your next race, everyone who owns a bike could benefit from an accessible, easy-to-use bike rack. Hitch bike racks, in particular, make accessing your bike more efficient as you only have to lift your bike from the back of your car rather than get it […]

October 1st

Best Recumbent Exercise Bike

You love to exercise and want to do it daily on your own schedule, in your own home, regardless of the weather outside. Or, maybe you’re recovering from an injury and can’t stand up on a traditional bike, but still want to get a good sweat on. It sounds like a great solution for you […]

Best Bike Trainer

It’s a joy to be an avid bike rider. The exercise, the satisfaction of feeling healthy, the fresh air, the speed, and the thrill of freedom! But some days the weather just doesn’t cooperate. Or, you don’t feel in the mood to lug your bike to a remote trail. Maybe you just want a simple […]

March 26th

Best Folding Bike

If you love cycling in the city, you’ve probably discovered that your bike can feel big and bulky when you make a pit stop. Whether you’re a commuter without a ton of bike storage space, or you want something that will fit into your small sedan, a fold and stow bike is an option you […]

January 30th

Best Bike Stand

So, you need a way to stand, stack or store your bike, maybe even lots of bikes. Why bother with a bike stand? Because a stand will provide the care your bike needs; care that won’t come from laying it on the concrete. Storage Space Let’s start with the most critical consideration: Where are you […]

October 9th

Best Bike Pedals

High-quality bike pedals are essential and give you the confidence you need to pedal up steep hills or rough terrain. On the other hand, having pedals that are worn out or low quality can result in a tougher ride or even worse, an accident. When shopping for bicycle pedals, the first thing you’ll need to […]

August 6th

Best Bicycle Mirrors

Bicycle mirrors are the kind of biking accessory that can become so ingrained into your consciousness that you automatically glance to the upper left whenever you hear sounds behind you, and that is not an exaggeration. People who use them swear by them, and if you’re someone who loves commuting to work on your bike, […]