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Best Bike Seats

red bike seat
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Bicycle seats, or saddles, are not known for being the most comfortable mode of transportation. They’re right up there with horses. In fact, there’s more than one reason why the phrase “saddle sore” exists!

While getting back on a bike will always require a few days for your body to adjust, there are seats that aim to lower that recovery time. Quality, low-impact bicycle seats come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and levels of comfort. You just have to know what you’re looking for!


Before you purchase a bicycle seat, consider what kind of cyclist you are. Different seats are advertised for different types of riders for a reason. Just as a pickup truck is perfect for a farmer, and a van is perfect for a mother of five, certain bike seats are perfect for certain cyclists.

Are you a casual cruiser? Road cyclist? BMX-er? Commuter? Mountain biker? Keep an eye out for the saddle that fits your specific needs.


After you’ve decided what kind of cyclist you are, look for saddle components that appeal to your end goal. If you are a casual rider, taking things slowly and enjoying the view, you’ll want a wider, thicker padded saddle.

If you’re a commuter, riding to get from home to school or work and back, you’ll want some padding, but a slightly more streamlined designed. If you’re interested in intense workouts or races, pick a style that is minimalist and ergonomic, allowing you to move unimpeded.


There are a lot of saddle components that can contribute to the comfort of your ride. Padding will always help ease the pressure of the seat on your body. However, padding adds weight and drag.

If you’re a racer, your padding can come from shorts, and your seat can stay narrow. A narrow saddle is actually more comfortable as well, as it avoids many pressure points. Cutouts in seats can allow for anatomic relief and air flow.

The Best Bike Seats On Amazon

Sunlite Cloud-9 Bicycle Saddlecloud 9 bike seat

The name says it all. The Sunlite Cloud-9 bike seat is designed for comfort. While you won’t be winning any century rides with this guy, your rear will be happy.

This cruiser-style saddle has dual-density gel foam padding and chrome coil-spring suspension.

Talk about luxury! That suspension will help you bounce right over any unexpected bumps in the road.

Buy It On Amazon: About $25

Bell Memory Foam Saddlebell memory foam bike seat

Try not to fall asleep while riding your bike with this memory foam mattress. I mean, memory foam seat!

Memory foam is meant to form to your body, giving cushion while relieving pressure away from points of contact.
The saddle is extra wide for ultimate comfort, too.

While this saddle is meant for casual riding, it won’t stop you from going for hours.

Buy It On Amazon: About $20

Planet Bike Men’s A.R.S. Bicycle Saddleplanet bike mens bike seat

This Planet Bike A.R.S. bike saddle starts to creep into the world of road cycling.

It has a sleeker, streamlined design that would lend itself better to the weight and motion of an intense workout than the previous picks.

Without compromising on comfort, it has foam padding with a center cut to achieve anatomic relief. It works well for men but would be comfortable for women, as well.

Buy It On Amazon: About $45

Brooks B17 Standard Black Steel Saddlebrooks bike seat

While this Brooks saddle may be the most expensive, it is also the most classic and durable. Made of leather, it wears and begins to fit like a glove, like all good leather products.

Its appearance is classy, and it’s no-frills, sleek design is perfect for long-distance road cycling, mountain biking, etc.

No one should be afraid to race on this seat. Brooks even backs up its product with a 10-year warranty!

Buy It On Amazon: About $145

OUTERDO Mountain Bike SeatOUTERDO bike saddle

Last, but not least, the OUTERDO bike saddle is ready for the serious cyclist. It’s ergonomically designed to help you perform at your highest.

Narrow seats help free your movement and increase your speed. It also has thin foam padding and a center cutout because competition and discomfort don’t have to go hand-in-hand.

It’s also available in six fun colors!

Buy It On Amazon: About $20

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