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So, you need a way to stand, stack or store your bike, maybe even lots of bikes. Why bother with a bike stand? Because a stand will provide the care your bike needs; care that won’t come from laying it on the concrete.

Storage Space

Let’s start with the most critical consideration: Where are you going to store your bike and how much space will you have? Do you need your bike to stand on the ground or to suspend from the ceiling? Are you planning on putting the bike in your garage or inside your home or apartment? How many bikes do you need to store? The options can go from the very basic (think bike racks at your local school) to the more complex.


If you ride a lot and make your own repairs, get a stand that will allow you to more easily work on your bike. Will you regularly change pedals, tires or seats for different uses? Do you plan on constant rides, suggesting the need for cleaning, oiling, and other frequent maintenance? Bike stands that cater to these needs will keep you on the go.

Multi-Use: Storage And Exercise

Depending on the season, the weather, where you live, and even how you feel on a given day, your only option to squeeze in a ride may be doing it indoors. Some bike stands allow you to store your bike and use it for indoor exercise.

This provides you with the opportunity to enjoy your bike even more. Looks of the stand will play a role in this consideration unless you want to build your own stand out of lumber and cinderblocks!

The Best Bike Stands On Amazon

Roll & Store Space Saving Bike Standroll and store bike stand

This well-designed but simple stand saves space, stores added items like tools and spare parts, and requires no mounting.

Suction cups on the bottom prevent the stand from moving. Just roll your bike into the groove, then stand it either upright or vertically. No need for any kind of wall-mount or installation.

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Reviewers mention that this bike stand is a good option for bikes that have either no kickstand or one that isn’t very trustworthy. They also mention that set up is relatively easy.

Buy it on Amazon: About $85

Bike Nook Bicycle Standbike nook bike stand

A simple space-saver that is easy to use, this stand saves you lots of effort. No struggling to hang your bike.

Just roll it into place, lift vertically, and it’s safe and secure, fitting right against a wall.

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It’s flexible to fit any size bike or tread. Use it inside in a small space or in a garage. It doesn’t require any holes to be drilled into the wall, making this an ideal option for apartment dwellers.

Buy it on Amazon: About $59

RAD Cycle Aluminum Bike Standrad cycle stand

If you need a strong and sturdy place to store one or two bikes, this offers a great option. It secures ground to ceilings from 7 to 11 feet high and has a storage capacity of up to 200 pounds, so you know it will be secure.

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At the same time, it is designed to protect your bike’s paint with vinyl coated arms. Reviewers mention that this is a good option if you’re looking to conserve horizontal space but have vertical space available.

One reviewer mentioned that he loved this stand so much he purchased a second one!

Buy it on Amazon: About $65

Roces Bike Repair Standroces repair bike stand

For the repair and maintenance-oriented bicyclists, this stand is ideal. Store your bike in a cool spot and work on it with ease.

You can adjust the height and rotate your bike 360 degrees as you work on it. It also has a tightening rod to hold the front wheel secure while you work on other parts of the bike.

This stand is super steady, yet built with lightweight materials. Whistle while you work with this stand. Reviewers mention that this stand provides you with a good bang for your buck, and the heavy duty aluminum creates a stand that is secure as it gets.

Buy it on Amazon: About $80

Bike Trainer Stand – Sportneer lbike trainer stand

For the exercise enthusiasts, this stand makes a lot of sense. You can store your bike conveniently and quickly transform it into a trainer and an indoor exercise bike.

This stand fits any size bike and is stable on any surface. The great thing is that you can exercise without disturbing your neighbors. And when you are ready to hit the trail, the easy release lever gets you rolling out the door.

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Reviewers rave that this trainer stand is affordable and offers a secure ride that doesn’t feel bouncy. It’s also easy to set up and dismount your bike when you’re ready to take it outdoors.

Buy it on Amazon: About $90

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