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Let’s face it: Cyclists can be some of the most difficult people to purchase gifts for. They probably already have a bike setup that they like, along with all the necessary accessories. They’ve probably told you that they don’t need anything, that everything on their bike is already perfect. So, what is a loved one to do?

You’ve got to get creative! While you could spend hours on Etsy and Amazon finding the perfect gifts for cyclists, we’ve already compiled our favorites here! Read on to find memorable and thoughtful gifts for the cyclists who say they need nothing.

“Fifty Shades of the USA”

50 shades of the usa

In “Fifty Shades of the USA,” author Anna McNuff tells us about her journey of cycling 11,000 miles through every state in America. This heartwarming and inspiring story is great for any cyclist but especially those that may be injured or taking time off.

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Chef Knife Roll

chef knife roll

Perhaps there is a cyclist in your life that also loves to cook. This beautiful chef’s knife roll is made out of recycled bike inner tubes and waxed canvas, making it a heavy-duty option that will quickly become a kitchen staple. Choose from charcoal gray, olive green, deep salmon, field tan, and black for the canvas color. This knife roll comes with or without a carrying strap.

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Bicycle Statue

bicycle statue

This elegant and contemporary cyclist sculpture is a thoughtful present for any bike enthusiast in your life. It will add a touch of modern art to your loved one’s home while displaying their love for biking. Made out of durable polyresin, this cyclist decor piece has a metallic finish to resemble bronze cast sculptures.

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Bike Computer

With this Lezyne bike computer, you get an invaluable feature … GPS! The Lezyne tracks your speed, heart rate, watts, and time. It syncs to your phone, allowing you to load pre-programmed routes.

This GPS system will give you turn-by-turn directions with zoom in and out features on the screen. No more stress and much more focus on the ride in front of you!

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Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle

vacuum sealed biking bottle

The last thing you want to drink on a long, summer bike ride is warm water. Not only does this vacuum-sealed water bottle keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours, but it also features a charming bicycle design that will add some whimsy to your daily ride.

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Bicycle Tie

bicycle tie

Who says you can’t show off your love of cycling at the office? This elegant tie is subtle but meaningful for the cyclist in your life. The fabric is made from a 1200 needle count and features a 5-year warranty against wear and tear.

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Kryptonite Bike Lock

kryptonite bike lock

What’s a better gift than one that protects your loved one’s most important item? This Kryptonite bike lock is just about the heaviest duty bike lock available and is meant for urban bike riders in New York.

The Kryptonite features a double deadbolt, a steel sleeve over the crossbar, and a high-security disc cylinder that is pick and drill-resistant. With all of this reinforcement, the lock weighs in at 4.54 pounds! In this case, you trade weight for intimidation.

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4-Pack of Biking Socks

4 pack of biking socks

Now we know that socks may seem like a cliche holiday gift, but every biker can use another pair of high-quality performance socks that will stay put on a tough ride. Featuring four different designs, these compression socks are blister-free and moisture-wicking.

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Bike Chain and Bamboo Coasters

bicycle coasters

Perhaps the biker in your life is the type of person that already has just about everything bike-related that they could ever need. Well, how about some home decor? These upcycled coasters are made out of old bike chains and bamboo and feature four different bike designs.

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Resource Revival Upcycled Bike Chain Fruit Bowl

bike chain fruit bowl

Another pick from Resource Revival, this fruit bowl is made out of upcycled bike chains.

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Bike Chain Ornaments

bike ornaments

Perhaps you’re on the search for a stocking stuffer for the bike enthusiast in your life. Consider these upcycled bike chain ornaments!

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Bike Earrings

bike earrings

Just a bit smaller than a quarter, these bike earrings are a great gift or stocking stuffer for the female cyclist in your life. These earrings are sterling silver and handmade in Oregon.

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Zinn & the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance

art of mountain bike maintenance

Do you know a mountain biker that is constantly tinkering with their setup? This gift is both thoughtful and helpful and will provide the cyclist in your life with everything they need to know about adjusting their mountain bike to match their needs.

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Sportner Bike Trainer Stand

For exercise enthusiasts, this stand makes a lot of sense. You can store your bike conveniently and quickly transform it into a trainer and an indoor exercise bike.

This stand fits any size bike and is stable on any surface. The great thing is that you can exercise without disturbing your neighbors. And when you are ready to hit the trail, the easy release lever gets you rolling out the door.

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Lightweight Steel Bike Pedals

bike pedals

These pedals feature a small platform so they can be used with regular shoes, and the pedals can be adapted for either mountain biking or road biking with a great deal of customization possible.

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