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bike locked to post
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Whether you’re an avid mountain biker, a Tour de France dreamer, or a casual commuter, it can be soul-crushing to have your bike stolen. To make matters worse, the chance of recovering that bike is slim.

Purchasing a bicycle lock to protect your prized possession is an absolute must. The options for bike locks are vast, from $5-coil locks to $150-U-locks, and they all claim to do the job. To help you avoid stressing the choice, here are a few important lock features to look for, paired with some of the best locks for the job.


It seems like paying attention to the security of a bike lock should go without saying, but not all bike locks are actually secure. Many cheap locks I see hanging from the racks of department stores would never be trusted to hold up against thieves in the likes of New York City or college campuses.

And if that’s the case, those locks really can’t be trusted anywhere. Look for bikes that are made of strong metal, have more than one locking point, and will reach the frame and wheel.


Honestly, your bike locks are always going to be portable, but some are easier to lug around than others. Keep your eyes out for locks that won’t be a burden to carry as you enjoy your ride.

This could mean they are easy to carry on your body, in a bag, or even mount to your frame. Weight also affects how you ride with a lock. The lighter, the better.


Have you ever walked by a bike rack and seen a frame missing a tire? Or maybe you’ve seen the opposite: a wheel locked to the rack without a frame? That’s because thieves don’t have a problem stealing solitary parts.

The best locks have flexibility, allowing you to simultaneously lock the frame and tire. This flexibility can be achieved in a number of ways, so look for a lock that fits all of your needs.

No lock is completely indestructible, but get as close as you can! Check out a variety of high-performing bicycle locks below.

The Best Bike Locks On Amazon

Sigtuna U-Lock Bike Locksigtuna u lock bike lock

The U-Lock is one of the better lock shapes. It stays tight to the frame, allowing you to lock closely to the bike, leaving little room for a thief’s leverage.

This Sigtuna is not only a U-Lock made of double-bolt, 16mm hardened steel to secure your frame, it is also a 1200mm flex cable that can wrap to secure your wheels, seatpost, helmets, etc. It’s a lock that offers the best of both worlds and weighs in at 3.4 pounds.

Buy It On Amazon: About $35

Kryptonite New-U New York Bike Lockkryptonite bike lock

You know you have a strong lock when it’s specifically made to battle the relentless bike thieves in Manhattan. This Kryptonite lock is made of an 18mm steel shackle.

It also has a double deadbolt (which would require double the attack), a steel sleeve over the crossbar, and a high-security disc cylinder that is pick and drill- resistant. With all of this reinforcement, the lock weighs in at 4.54 pounds! In this case, you trade weight for intimidation.

Buy It On Amazon: About $117

TiGr Mini Lightweight Titanium Bicycle Lock

tigr bike lockAll the way on the other end of the weight spectrum you’ll find the .9 pound TiGr mini lightweight titanium lock. This high-security disc cylinder lock mounts to your frame with a presence you won’t ever feel and a PVC coating that won’t ever scratch.

It’s made of titanium which makes a cut far more difficult than it appears, and it has a unique design that flexes to keep the frame and wheel locked without leaving extra space for greedy hands.

Buy It On Amazon: About $99

UShake Bike Lock Cablebike lock cable

The cable lock has a reputation for being the least durable, but not every neighborhood is New York City! This UShake lock is made of flexible steel cables made to be cut-resistant, and at 4.5 feet long, it’s long enough to lock up two bikes!

It’s covered with a PVC coating to prevent scratches to your frame when using the included frame mount. You can also leave the keys at home because this mechanism is a 4-digit combination that can be personalized with your own combo.

Buy It On Amazon: About $20

FOLDYLOCK Bike Chain Lockfoldylock

The Foldylock definitely gets the award for the most unique design. With six heavy duty steel bars and links that fold out to a hexagon shape, this little guy is deceptively tough and flexible.

It’s resistant to bolt cutters, hacksaws, picks, drills, and even weather! It’s just large enough to cover a frame and wheel, and it folds to the size of a candy bar for mounting.

Buy It On Amazon: About $95

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