Hammerhead — New Must For Cyclists?


The Hammerhead is an interesting product for cyclists that is looking to get commercialized via crowdfunding site Dragon. There are a couple of particularly cool things about the Hammerhead.

For one, connecting it with an iPhone or Android phone, you can get led along great bicycle routes “wherever” you are. And those routes will be provided to you based on your bicycling preferences (e.g., short, scenic, difficult, hilly).

Secondly, the Hammerhead is designed in a way as to not make you have to stop to check on the route or read some screen. The RGB LEDs on the Hammerhead direct you to where you need to go.

The summary from the Dragon webpage says: “You want the information you need in a clear and distilled manner. We designed Hammerhead to show you everything you need while not distracting you with text, small graphics or the need for headphones. We developed cues and signals; much like those used by racecar drivers or fighter pilots. It works well in all light and weather conditions. You can even customize the light array within our app to suit your preferences.”

At the moment, the crowdfunding campaign has 444 backers and has raised $45,156 of the $145,000 it has targeted. Check out that page for more info or to help crowdfund the Hammerhead. There’s also an excellent video there that is supposed to be embeddable but does not provide code for embedding.

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