MJ The Bike Cat Rides On Owner’s Shoulder Around The City (VIDEOS)

As you’ll see in the videos below, MJ the cat is now a famous Philadelphia cat thanks to his bike courier owner Rudi Saldia. Rudi gave the 1-year-old cat a ride up and down the street, which MJ seemed to like. So they went further and further. Being his only time outside (plus, you know, the wonders of biking), MJ apparently loves the rides. In some of the clips in the videos below, you can see MJ nuzzle up to Rudi and lick him repeatedly… presumably as a big thanks.

Rudi, who says he first filmed the rides in order to prove to his mom that the cat really rode the bike with him, has gotten a bit out of it as well. Aside from over 1 million views on YouTube, he (and MJ) landed in a TV commercial for GoPro cameras, the company from which Rudi got the helmet cam that films all the magic.

Anyway, enough rambling, here are four videos from Rudi, one from the Associated Press, and one from GoPro cameras:


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