Top Bike Share Programs… In An Infographic

Obviously, we’re big fans of bikes here. I realized several years ago that the common line and piece of advice “stop to smell the roses” matched bicycle transportation excellently. You see and smell and appreciate so much more on bike than in a car. I’d say that you do less so than on foot, but it’s a close call. On bike, you also get the joy of rolling along at a pretty decent speed, having the wind in your face, using your muscles (which boosts your endorphins), and having quite a bit of fun.

Anyway, that all leads into the infographic below, which is focused on enjoying some of the world’s top cities by bike (or, to be even more specific, public bike share programs) when visiting them. There’s some great info, fun graphics, and useful tips in it, so check it out, share it, and save it for when you visit some or all of these cities!

This handy visual guide is presented by Momondo and Representatives of one or both of those, who passed this along to me, made some worthy notes about sightseeing and the info in the infographic that seemed worth passing passing along here as well (in original British English):

“Travellers that are fed up with expensive tour busses and sightseeing tours can give the government sponsored public bike schemes a chance. It is probably the best way to get to know the ‘real’ city like the locals do. Travellers experience a great flexibility due to the bikes and can chart their own paths and discover the neighbourhoods at their own pace, have a picnic in a park or just ride along the local cyclist.”


Anyway, on to the fun infographic:

Public-Bike-Transport-by-City_English - FINAL

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