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Russia Unrolls Autonomous Trains

A Rostec company, the V. Tikhomirov Scientific Research Institute of Instrument Design, recently deployed its newest software for autonomously controlling trains on Russian lines. The “driver-less train control” software will deploy first in Circle Line, Moscow Metro. The fully autonomous trains will be responsible for everything but opening and closing the doors — and even […]

March 5th

High-Speed Rail to Save the American Dream?

The American Dream may be just that, a dream. Or, perhaps it is something we had access to in the past but no longer. Or, perhaps it is something just at the end of our fingertips. There are many ideas as to what the American Dream is, was, or could be. Scott Thill of Alternet […]

February 7th

Turkey Building Almost 100 High-Speed Train Stations

Here’s a full repost of the latest news regarding Turkey’s high-speed rail network, which we covered a month ago or so here on EcoLocalizer, via World Bulletin: Nearly 100 high-speed train stations will be built across Turkey for accommodation of high-speed trains. The train stations will be presented to auction with build-operate-transfer model. At least […]

February 1st

Caltrain Threatened with Service Cuts, Citizens to the Rescue?

The mobility of Caltrain’s 40,000 daily riders on the Peninsula and the South Bay could drastically suffer under deep service cuts being considered to close a $30 million budget gap, but a movement to get the commuter rail service agency out of the red and on a path toward long-term sustainability is gaining momentum. “Everyone […]

January 27th

China’s High-Speed Trains [VIDEOS]

We’ve written on China’s world-record-setting high-speed trains in the past, but I recently ran across these videos and thought they were worth a share. The first one walks you through a ride on one of the country’s bullet trains. Here’s a quote from the YouTube page: Why fly when you can travel the 1000km between […]

January 13th

China’s Fastest Train (Fastest Train in World) Now in Operation

I just wrote on the high-speed rail (HSR) network being planned in California earlier today, which will have trains that can travel up to 220 mph (354 kph), bringing people from LA to San Francisco in less than 2.5 hours. While California is planning its network, however, China has already started implementing one, the largest […]

November 3rd

California High-Speed Rail Video

One of my friends from my city planning graduate studies just tipped me off to a new video for the California high-speed rail (HSR) project that her company, PBS&J (an Atkins Company), is a part of. It is a great, comprehensive video covering numerous aspects of this project and I highly recommend checking it out. […]

November 3rd