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World Urban Rail Systems [Map]

Since I’ve been writing about transit a lot lately, I thought I’d share this super cool map of world rail systems (from 2008). I actually ran across it looking for a photo last week for a post on the world’s first subway system. It’s apparently not very accurate, in case you were wondering, but definitely […]

February 4th

Conversation Cars on Public Transit: A “Modest Proposal”

There’s been a pretty significant transformation on public transit in the past decade or less. Whereas riders used to start up a conversation with complete strangers on a regular basis in the past, more and more riders are plugged into their iPods, iPhones, iPads, or other electronic gadgets and stay in their own world despite […]

February 3rd

First Subway System Started How Many Years Ago?

Know when the first subway system was launched? And where? Tony Long of Wired does. He recently wrote an interesting post on the history of subway systems around the world, starting with a little bit on the first subway system, which was launched this month in 1863. Here’s the intro: 1863: London inaugurates the world’s […]

January 28th

Paris Metro Riders Heating Apartment Building

I wrote last week on a cool pilot project in Philadelphia in which the kinetic energy created from subway trains braking will be captured and either reused in accelerating trains, stored for later, or sold back to the electricity grid. While I think that project is super cool, this one maybe be even cooler. A […]

September 23rd