Cycling Superhero Bike Ride

Cycling Superheroes from a 2008 Superhero Ride in Missouri. Photo by Nicole Blouin

Are you a cycling superhero? Probably not yet, but you could be soon.

A handful of green activists and bicycle enthusiasts have been going on “cycling superhero bike rides” once or twice a year since 2000, on which they bike long distances (no experience doing so needed, just a desire to give it a shot) and help communities in whatever ways they can along the way. A nice combination of green transportation, community service, fun, and healthy exercise.

This year’s cycling superhero ride is being planned for early December, starting in Brownsville, Texas. Other than that, there aren’t many details set yet.

For more information, though, you can call “Superheroes Headquarters” at 660-332-4094 or check out the cycling superoes facebook page.

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