Community Composting and Recycling by Bike [VIDEO]

bicycle recycling and composting service in Philadelphia

This is a great-looking bicycle composting and recycling service, and what is greener than biking, composting, and recycling? As Rory Woods of sustainablog writes, “Motivated by their love of bike culture and the environment, this enterprising group has built a cooperative business around transporting other businesses’ compost and recycling.”

For a little more info from the crew itself, here’s more on the Pedal Co-Op from the YouTube page:

Biking is a primary means of transport for many people in Philadelphia. The Pedal Co-Op tries to promote the use of bicycles for business rather than always relying on trucks. The Pedal Co-Op is a worker run organization that offers an alternative recycling and compost hauling service to businesses in Philadelphia. Using trailers attached to the back of bicycles, riders for the Pedal Co-Op haul recyclables to Blue Mountain Recycling and compost to local gardens. Philadelphia uses a fleet of 200 diesel trucks for waste removal. Emissions from diesel trucks contain carcinogens and contribute to smog, acid rain, and global climate change. They also consume large amounts of fuel, averaging only 3 miles per gallon and do damage to roads in the city. Bikes provide a low impact alternative that reduces damage to roads, harmful emissions released into the atmosphere, and dependence on diesel fuel.

Quite similar to a cool bicycle composting service I covered on a couple months ago.

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Photo Credit: screenshot of YouTube video above

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