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    Seattle Expands Light Rail Service

    According to, Seattle, Washington recently extended light rail service 3.15 miles through two of the city’s most popular neighborhoods. The $1.9 billion project opened Sound Transit stations at Husky Stadium and Capitol Hill in mid-March. The city aspires to add 71,000 new riders to the system by 2030. “No matter how bad the traffic […] More

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    Average Public Transit Savings = $16,185 A Year in NYC

    We are all aware of the financial argument for using public transportation — it is way, way cheaper. Weighing out the costs and benefits is tricky, but the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) monthly Transit Savings Reports have made it beautifully clear. Ranking the savings for the 20 cities with the highest rates of public transportation use, the […] More

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    New Bike Friendly Businesses — Texas Instruments, The World Bank Group, & More

    If you like clean air and water, face it, this makes you an environmentalist. Bike-friendly businesses are an encouraging face of environmental support — for employees and customers alike. Our country is redefining ethics in transportation and energy sources. Rich and poor alike are affected by toxic fumes, bad water, dirty air, and dirty oil. So, […] More

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    Bicycle Road Safety Activist Group Installs Illegal Bike Lane Protectors

    A bicycle road safety activist group in Seattle, called the Reasonably Polite Seattleites has struck again. The very polite group has turned the painted Cherry Street bike lane located under I-5 in Seattle into a protected bike lane. The group used around $350 worth of reflective plastic pylons to transform the bike lane in the middle of […] More

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    10 Most Climate-Ready Cities in the U.S.?

    Boyd Cohen, Ph.D. recently came up with a methodology to rank large cities in the U.S. based on how much they are preparing for or trying to counter climate change. He then went on to create and publish a top 10 list of the most “climate-ready” cities. While I think the term “climate-ready” is sort of a mistake, since he focuses more on efforts to stop climate change not adapt to it (which is what I would assume “climate-readiness” would be about), I think the overall idea and methodology looks great. More

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    Save $9,656 a Year, Ride Public Transit

    Well, that’s how much you’ll save if you’re the average American. Could be a little less or a little more depending on where you live. The point of the matter is, however, you can save a ton by riding your local public transit. (I would also note that you can use your time on transit […] More

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    Ecolocalizer Link Drop

    Here’s our weekly link drop. Hope you enjoy it. New Report: U.S. States Failing at Reducing Transportation Emissions The Natural Resources Defense Council and Smart Growth America released a report, “Getting Back on Track: Aligning State Transportation Policy with Climate Change Goals,” analyzing state-level policies to curb carbon emissions in the transportation sector.  With the absence of […] More

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    How to Save $9,515 a Year

    The American Public Transportation Association (APTA) releases figures regarding how much people save by riding transit in the U.S. every month in its Transit Savings Report. It calculates how much the average American saves as well as how much an average resident of twenty of the country’s largest cities (the cities with the most transit […] More