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    Changing The D.C. Real Estate Market, One Bicyclist At A Time

    In Washington D.C., where biking has doubled in popularity since 2009, commuter choices are producing wide-reaching effects. Professionals are giving up the ‘burbs and highways and opting instead for their bikes to get to work. If the bike traffic jams weren’t proof enough, the change in the real estate market is. Developers are unloading their […] More

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    NYC Names Director for New Regional Planning Office

    In news that really seems past due, New York City appointed its first Regional Planning Director. The role went to Carolyn Grossman Meagher, who previously was the Director of Governmental Affairs for the city’s planning department, but most recently has been pursuing a master’s degree in urban planning at Harvard. The plans to create a Regional Planning office […] More

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    Taking It To The Streets, Portland Style

    It’s always inspiring to see what a few small groups can create when taking matters of their community into their own hands. Portland recently caught a great view of this, when Better Block PDX joined forces with the Broadway-Weidler Alliance and Northeast Broadway Business Association to run an actual test of a street redesign. They took one […] More

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    NYC’s Cycling Trends Data — What We Know & What We Don’t

    We know one thing for sure about bicycling in NYC — it’s increasing. Whether this is due to the expansion of protected bike lanes, the increase in Citi Bikes, or an increase in Brooklyn hipsters, it’s hard to say, but NYC Department of Transit’s new “Cycling in the City” metrics show that it is most […] More

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    Average Public Transit Savings = $16,185 A Year in NYC

    We are all aware of the financial argument for using public transportation — it is way, way cheaper. Weighing out the costs and benefits is tricky, but the American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) monthly Transit Savings Reports have made it beautifully clear. Ranking the savings for the 20 cities with the highest rates of public transportation use, the […] More