National Bike Summit, March 4-7 In Washington, DC

The time is nearly upon us, Fall will become Spring as fast as we cycle down our streets, and the time to gather together to show lawmakers and Washington how much we really do love to bike will be here. As many of us as possible need to show up at the National Bike Summit, the premiere advocacy event of the year, March 4-7 Washington, DC.

Show and tell that we are present, how much we are continuously biking, seriously biking, for good. Time is now for lawmakers to consider that bicyclists, communities, and businesses want bike needs to be met. The time is now for bikes. The time is upon us.

“Yes, the Summit matters every year: but consider what’s at stake in 2013. We’re fighting for investments in biking today and we’re looking beyond MAP-21 to the next transportation bill.” Katie Omberg, writing for the League of American Bicyclists, tells it like it is.

This Spring, show up. Be counted. Have fun. Bike.

More from Katie: “The really good news about the new transportation bill: It only lasts for two years — and the clock started ticking on October 1. When we meet at the 2013 National Bike Summit, it will be just one year until lawmakers start voting on the next bill. You’ll play an active role in shaping the bicycling agenda – and you’ll be an integral part of developing a Congressional strategy that shows we mean business.

That’s why we need YOU at the Summit, March 4-7, 2013 in Washington, D.C.”

More than 800 bicycling advocates, government staff, and cycling enthusiasts of all types will come together to tell Capitol Hill about the benefits of bicycling.

I’ll use Katie’s opener as a closer here:

“It’s only October, but we’re already planning the 2013 National Bike Summit — and it’s going to be big!

Be one of the first and register for the Summit today!

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