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Our Love Affair from Car (passé) to Family Cargo Bike (Shifting Transport Identity)

Box Biking at 10F

Identities portrayed in material items can be psychologically charged, and they are constantly shifting. Cars as the only significant statement portraying one’s identity is a positive way are becoming passé; scooters and bikes are becoming more viewed as images of identity imparting a thoughtful gas-conscious choice, representing a kinder experience, more fun, and keeping one’s heart in health.

Some of us want to present identities that share and show a new will of being immediately involved in making good transportation and lifestyle choices. Convenience has been part of our love affair with the car. However, this is waning in lieu of highly motivated, social concerned, materially conscious, utilitarian environment selves….

Forget the minivan. See video at bottom.

Visualize a vehicle that can carry around your kids and groceries efficiently, a vehicle that doesn’t burn any fossil fuels, keeps you strong, alive, and engaged immediately in the world of conscious choices. NPR has a wonderful story on this. Cargo bicycles are specially designed bikes that can haul several hundred pounds. Bike-friendly cities are finally coming into sight, as people are now willing to live the life, the life of responsible transportation with all its vibrant benefits. Families are showing up as those that really do want this way of life instead of the minivan.

Cargo Bikes

Adoption of cargo bikes is the new step, the now present next step in America’s evolution towards a European model of bikeability. This new approach to family transport is taking hold in some circles here in the states. It has long been in European cities without question (as part of cultures of considerate transportation).

Culture and Subcultures

What NPR speaks of in the interview mentioned is culture in a larger viewpoint; it is good to remember that subcultures, such as this passionately growing one of serious environmentalist bikers, can transform a society… and become the mainstream culture — as was successfully done in Northern and Western Europe. Where passion meets environmentalism, this is the time of light, hope, and so (as well) it is an opportunity for love.

Image Credits: Mark Stosberg

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