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    This 3,000 Mile Bike Path Will Go From Maine To Florida

    Imagine being able to ride all the way from Maine to Florida on a trail system that links major cities on the east coast of the US, with large parts of the trail being traffic-free greenways. That would certainly be an improvement over the current hodge-podge of trails, roads, and pathways that currently exist, and […] More

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    Y Combinator To Study “Building New, Better Cities,” But Is It Shortsighted?

    According to a recent blog post from Y Combinator, an early stage technology startup incubator, the organization wants to “study building new, better cities.” At first blush, this desire to improve something really basic — our daily living habitat — as opposed to the fairly conventional challenges that many tech startups take on, which maybe […] More

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    Phoenix Focuses On An Urban Future

    The sprawling metropolis of Phoenix, Arizona, the sixth largest city in the US, sits at the northeastern edge of the scorching Sonoran desert, and is a poster child for our car-centric development model, with the city and its suburbs stretching for miles across the Salt River Valley. The city, once an agricultural community that cultivated […] More

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    Walkable Urban Places Gaining Market Share

    We may be starting to see a significant shift in the way that metro areas in large US cities are planned and developed, as a recent report found that walkable urban places (WalkUPs) have been gaining market share over the traditional ‘drivable suburban’ areas that have drawn much of the development over the last half-century […] More

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    mBike Brings Accessible Bikesharing To College Park, MD

    Bikesharing programs have done quite a bit to help get more people on two wheels and reduce the use of fossil fuels in personal transportation, but there’s one aspect of many bikeshare initiatives that isn’t often considered, much less accounted for, which is the lack of accommodation for riders who can’t use conventional two-wheelers. To […] More