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Bike Lanes Make Biking Better For Everyone

Bike commuting is a great option if you live in a bike-friendly city with complete street upgrades and easy-to-access bike lanes. As more cities across the world become more bike friendly, it’s important to determine which fixes are the best options for cities looking to improve bicycle commuting while keeping roads safe and accessible for […]

February 5th

Bikesharing In Los Angeles Launches In Santa Monica

By Kyle Field Santa Monica and Venice Beach are two iconic Southern California destinations that embody the beach lifestyle in 2 very different ways. The upscale shopping mecca that is Santa Monica sports lots of EV chargers — many of which are free — and the architecture in the area exudes modern environmental awareness and […]

November 19th

$100 Million Bike Infrastructure Program Launched In Colorado

By Marc Howe Colorado hopes to become America’s “best state for biking” with the launch of a $100 million scheme to foster the usage of pedal-powered transportation via heavy investment in cycling infrastructure. States Governor John Hickenlooper unveiled the ambitious public-private project to spend in excess of $100 million over the next four years on encouraging bike usage while at the Interbike […]

September 21st

New Electric Bike Goes 100 Kilometers On Battery

Originally published on EV Obsession. A new e-bike battery pack that can power an e-bike for 100 kilometers on a single charge was recently unveiled by Samsung SDI — with the new offering being showcased on August 26th at Eurobike 2015 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The new offering is a 500 watt-hour (Wh) battery pack, designed […]

August 30th

Hawaii Bikeshare Lets Residents Pick Bikes To Be Used

Via Gas2. By Marc Howe A new bikesharing scheme is giving members of the public in Hawaii the opportunity to choose their preferred technology for the deployment and operation of the project upon its scheduled launch next year. Bikeshare Hawaii is a nonprofit project that enjoys the participation and support of both public and private partners, with the goal of […]

August 27th

New Self-Powered LED Bike Light

Those of you who want to make sure that your bicycle is lit up at night while riding, but have a dislike of noisy friction-powered dynamos or weighty dynamo hubs, now have an interesting new option — the Xbat. The Xbat is a self-powered LED bike light that is pretty much unnoticeable when in use. The new offering […]

August 26th

New Viks Carbon Bike Frame Is Beautiful & Feather Light

As the 2nd Viks anniversary rolled around, bicycle manufacturer Velonia designed and announced Carbon — an extremely lightweight bike frame with even fewer kilos (aka pounds) than the last generation of stainless steel Viks. Carbon is designed to reflect the “edgiest and latest technologies.” Weighing a previously “unimaginable” amount, Carbon nearly halves the weight of its stainless steel […]

August 21st

You Can Get Your Bike Blessed

Originally published on Eden Keeper. We all know that riding a bike is good for the environment and for your health. But riding a bike in a busy city, like San Francisco or Manhattan, is a harrowing experience. Potholes lay waiting to grab your front tire and flip you over. Taxis speed by, more concerned […]

June 21st