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    New Self-Powered LED Bike Light

    Those of you who want to make sure that your bicycle is lit up at night while riding, but have a dislike of noisy friction-powered dynamos or weighty dynamo hubs, now have an interesting new option — the Xbat. The Xbat is a self-powered LED bike light that is pretty much unnoticeable when in use. The new offering […] More

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    New Viks Carbon Bike Frame Is Beautiful & Feather Light

    As the 2nd Viks anniversary rolled around, bicycle manufacturer Velonia designed and announced Carbon — an extremely lightweight bike frame with even fewer kilos (aka pounds) than the last generation of stainless steel Viks. Carbon is designed to reflect the “edgiest and latest technologies.” Weighing a previously “unimaginable” amount, Carbon nearly halves the weight of its stainless steel […] More

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    You Can Get Your Bike Blessed

    Originally published on Eden Keeper. We all know that riding a bike is good for the environment and for your health. But riding a bike in a busy city, like San Francisco or Manhattan, is a harrowing experience. Potholes lay waiting to grab your front tire and flip you over. Taxis speed by, more concerned […] More

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    Why You Need Bike Insurance More Than You Might Think

    If you are a keen cyclist, or you use your bike as a practical way of getting around or commuting to work, you probably rely on it a fair bit. You may also have spent a significant amount of money on the bike itself, and accessories and clothing for using it. Having your bike stolen […] More