New Viks Carbon Bike Frame Is Beautiful & Feather Light

As the 2nd Viks anniversary rolled around, bicycle manufacturer Velonia designed and announced Carbon — an extremely lightweight bike frame with even fewer kilos (aka pounds) than the last generation of stainless steel Viks. Carbon is designed to reflect the “edgiest and latest technologies.” Weighing a previously “unimaginable” amount, Carbon nearly halves the weight of its stainless steel counterparts.

While a steel frameset weighs about 7kg, the carbon fiber design weighs about 4kg. The Carbon in its completed form — with “Gates Carbon” belt drive and “Aerospoke” wheel set — weighs in at about 10kg.

Image from Velonia Bicycles

Viks works with Sloveian Carbon enchanter company Berk Composite, a reputable and innovative company known for collaborating with British professional cyclers, Team Sky. While Berk produces the Carbon elements for Viks Carbon frame, the joints and other steel elements are identical to the Viks standard stainless steel bikes to ensure a lifetime of durability.

The frame will be featured and available for a test ride next week at Eurobike 2015 in Friedrichdschafen, Germany — the world’s leading trade show for the bicycle industry.

image from Velonia Bicycles

Since 2009, Velonia — maker of the Viks brand — has been known for innovative frame design and Carbon wheels. In the last two years, Velonia, under the Viks brand, has released several acclaimed bicycle designs from its Estonian workshop. The Anniveloversary was featured on DesignBoom’s top 10 list of bicycle designs two years in a row (2013 & 2014). The brand was also listed by BBC as producing some of the world’s most beautiful bikes.

image from Velonia Bicycles

The bicycles, handcrafted in “Viksfactory” — a small urban workshop — were conceptualized and inspired by cafe racer style motorcycles with classic minimalist lines by engineer and co-owner of Velonia Indrek Narusk. As co-owner Kristo Riima describes Viks, “…remember, minimum is maximum. Less is more. Viks is the perfect vehicle for the conscious big city commuter. It is not only beautiful, but practical.”

“Viks” in Estonian means “classy, gentleman like, polite.” An appropriate name for a young brand making a big splash, not to be taken lightly.

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