Spain Tops World in Bicycle Count Growth Spain

A company that has been making headlines lately, Eco-Counter, has once again released some intriguing data for cycle enthusiasts. The French firm recently unveiled its “2015 Eco-Counter Worldwide Cycling Index” which details statistics pertaining to the increasing total global bike count. It seems, according to and the company’s approximately 1,500 counters, that Spain is clocking the greatest growth in bicycle mode share with a measured 8% increase between 2014 and 2015.

Overall, cycle activity rose by 3% or approximately 4.6 million trips, between the countless cities, countries and states that Eco-Counter has sensors stationed worldwide.

While reporting data to governments, businesses and townships, the firm reported that Spain lead the charge with a 8% increase. Not far behind are Canada and Switzerland at 6% and the U.S. and Finland at 4% – remarkable since Eco-Counter reported no growth in the U.S and Canada during the 2014 period.

2015 has been a good year for cycling and Eco-Counter has even developed an algorithm with McDill University in order to determine the nature of cycling trips. Whether it be recreational or practical, commuting or leisure, the firm determined the 3% increase can be dissected into a 4% increase in commuting and 2% leisure.

In 2014, data showed an 8% global increase, but Eco-Counter admitted that data from 2015 is stronger. Compared to the previous year, data collected in 2015 represents more than twice the amount of counters.

Considering the average bike trip at 3km, Eco-Counter estimates that a 3% increase, 4.6 million trips, could have saved 900 tons of CO2 emissions from being released.

Eco-Counter continues to be on the forefront of transit data collection – making progress measurable and solidifying the attitude that cycle and pedestrian traffic is on the rise. It goes to show the paradigm is shifting one year at a time.

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