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New Transit Projects for 2011 A comprehensive list of transit projects scheduled to start construction or open in 2011. “Streetcar lines dominate the nation’s new transit construction landscape, but this year only light and commuter rail lines will open for service.” NYC Tries ‘Rapid’ Buses in Bid to Cut Transit Costs The city’s much-maligned bus […]

January 7th

How Much is Bicycling Worth to the Economy? $1.5 Billion/Year in Wisconsin

We’re bicycling fans here on Ecolocalizer. Have you noticed? Why? Because it’s good for everything: our health, the livability of cities, the efficiency of our cities, equitable access to key needs, and the economy. Here’s more on that last part, the economy, from the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin: Investment in a more bicycle friendly Wisconsin […]

January 3rd

NYC Doctors Ask for Better Bike Infrastructure

What are the biggest benefits of bicycling? Of course, there are the environmental benefits and the fact that bicycling is many times cheaper than driving or even riding transit. One more obvious benefit, however, is that it is great for our health.  A number of doctors and other health professionals, approximately 150 of them, recently […]

December 27th

Bicycling Boom in North America

Bicycling in Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, Chicago, San Francisco, and many other big North American cities has increased a few times over (or more) in the past couple of decades. And with more people cycling, more people get the urge to cycle, especially with health, environmental, and economic problems the way they are these days, so […]

December 2nd

Bicycle-Friendly University Award System

The League of American Bicyclists has had a Bicycle Friendly Community program going for years, as well as newer Bicycle Friendly Business and Bicycle Friendly State programs. Now, the League is adding one more, a Bicycle Friendly University (BFU) program. The program was actually officially launched in September at the annual Pro-walk/Pro-bike conference in Chattanooga, […]

December 1st

New York City Bike-Sharing Program Plans Move Forward

I wrote on New York City’s large, potential bike-sharing program a few months ago, the only proposed bike-sharing program in North America that will compare to the famous and highly successful Paris Vélib’ system (or even Barcelona’s Bicing program). NYC’s bike-sharing program has just moved forward now, with New York City’s Department of Transportation (NYCDOT) Commissioner Janette […]

November 26th

Cycling Superhero Bike Ride

Are you a cycling superhero? Probably not yet, but you could be soon. A handful of green activists and bicycle enthusiasts have been going on “cycling superhero bike rides” once or twice a year since 2000, on which they bike long distances (no experience doing so needed, just a desire to give it a shot) […]

November 25th

Community Composting and Recycling by Bike [VIDEO]

This is a great-looking bicycle composting and recycling service, and what is greener than biking, composting, and recycling? As Rory Woods of sustainablog writes, “Motivated by their love of bike culture and the environment, this enterprising group has built a cooperative business around transporting other businesses’ compost and recycling.” For a little more info from […]

November 23rd