Switzerland + Bikes = Beautiful & Awesome

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Switzerland looks like one of the prettiest countries in the world. It’s got an amazing quality of life. And I heard recently that it has NEVER been in debt. Wow. I think the U.S. could learn a lesson or two from this leading country (starting with: DON’T POUR YOUR MONEY INTO WARS & “DEFENSE”).

Anyway, a friend of mine has a friend who is a guide on these bike tours in Switzerland and he recently shared this site with me. Looks utterly beautiful and I feel refreshed just looking at the pictures on the site (sad, I know).

So, if you ever plan to be in Switzerland, or if you will even be nearby, you might consider checking out Bike Switzerland and going on a ride there. And even if you have no such plans yet, like me, you might enjoy at least navigating through the site and checking out the pretty pictures. 😀

bike switzerland tour map

Here’s a little more about what Bike Switzerland offers (apparently, it’s not just about the bicycling):

Compare 11 days of Bike Switzerland with any other guided tour and the difference is clear. The tour begins with a catered lakeside barbecue at the United Nations private beach. You will stay in 3 and 4 star hotels, all Swiss in character and magnificent in their setting. Mornings begin with a wonderful breakfast buffet. Our afternoon picnics are lavish and our evening meals unforgettable: 3, 4 and 5 course feasts with wine. Nightly aperitifs will whet your appetite.

Sounds pretty nice (if they can offer me some good vegetarian options).

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