Opening Night at The Levi’s Commuter Workspace

Ahem. Everyone knows cool kids ride fixed, Levi’s…

Levi’s is launching their newest Levi’s Commuter collection with cool pop-up workspaces. The collection of bike to work clothes are designed to handle the rigors of commuting via pedal power, and the new line features Schoeller nanosphere, a textile finish that wicks away sweat and keeps you cool while you ride. They’ve also got a bit of stretch now, making them more comfortable than their earlier version. Also unlike previous years, the line is more “office-appropriate” with crisp khakis in a range of work-safe colors.

ice creamWe stopped by the LA launch party to see what was up. There was a massive line most of the night, as it was a very popular event. We returned closer to the 10pm closing time, and the party was still jumping, but the line was gone. There was a display of the new collection, as well as free cold brew coffee, pedal-churned ice cream from Peddler’s Creamery, alterations on-site by lovely sewers, and bike maintenance by DTLA Bikes. DTLA Bikes did a great job of getting the word out, as they were a partner on this event. We discovered it through their instagram.



There was a live band playing, and plenty of socializing to be had. If you’re in LA, swing by the commuter workspace while it’s still up, through August 28th. There are scheduled events, but the space is open as a place to work or just chill and enjoy the free wifi. And if your favorite riding jeans don’t fit perfectly, you can always have them tailored while you wait. They’ve already passed through Brooklyn, and the next stop after Los Angeles is London. All three cities are working hard to improve cycling infrastructure, and showing a corresponding increase in bicycle commuting. Yes, many other cities eclipse NYC and LA in bike commuting, but all of them combined probably don’t buy as many Levi’s.

Levi's Commuter 511 Slim Fit Trousers

It’s great to see a major brand doing so much to make riding to work more comfortable and cool. While they’re up against excellent competition like Betabrand and Swrve, they have the money to spend on Schoeller textiles & treatments that a line with lower sales volume would have difficulty buying. Schoeller makes all kinds of great fabrics and treatments for cycling. Their popular Cold Black is used on a lot of road riding spandex. It turns any black fabric into one that actually reflects heat instead of absorbing it. They also have some great breathable abrasion-resistant fabrics, and we hope to see Levi’s incorporating some of these fabrics. Swrve has done some great pieces using Schoeller, and has a Cordura-blend stretch denim we love.

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