Morgan Freeman Narrates Pedestrians on Hollywood Blvd Morgan Freeman

On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, actor and frequent narrator Morgan Freeman lent his signature voice to a segment exploring the “pedestrian experience” on Hollywood Boulevard via a hidden street camera.

Noting a certain unsuspecting gentleman and his ‘selfie stick,’ Freeman unleashes a laugh-out-loud minute of commentary which should rouse a genuine laugh from even the most jaded of individuals.

Note: this clip may be NSFW as Freeman is not afraid to get raw on live TV.

Hilarious. Plus, I think I saw a cyclist go by in the background somewhere.

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Written by Kyle Park Points

is a working father in New York City by way of Sarasota, Florida. He is a public transportation enthusiast, clean air advocate, lifetime recycler and frequent panderer. He also reluctantly tended to his family's compost heap for many formative years. He hopes to one day leave his daughter with a safer, healthier environment than when she was born - which shouldn't be hard since she was born in Queens, New York.

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