Lighted Bike Safety Zone Created With Bike Light Concept

Bike lights are great, but they’re rather small and can sometimes be easily missed. Wouldn’t it be great if the lights gave a better message to drivers to watch out and give the biker his or her deserved space? Heck yeah! So I’m really hoping this great bike light concept below gets off the drawing board and into stores.

The technology is called Bike Zone. And the good news is that these designers have won an industrial design award.

As you can see above, aside from the safety zone (which is about 1 meter in length), there are left and right turn signals (something it seems should be the norm these days, but obviously isn’t).

The designers behind this unique bike light are Frank Guo, Hung Wang, and Stuart Morrow. The won “the Bronze award for the Bike Zone design in the 2012 Lite-On Awards, a competition sponsored by Taiwan’s $16 billion Lite-On Technology Corporation,” Inhabitat notes.

I had never heard of the Lite-On Awards, but apparently they have been running for 12 years now.”The theme of this year’s competition was ‘Tech It Easy,’ and the competition stressed a less-is-more philosophy of practical simplicity in consumer product design. In a video about the event, the award’s judges expressed concern that in past years designers had submitted designs that were ingenious but impractical, as they often created unnecessary complexities and costs that made their products unworkable in the real world.”

Here’s a statement from the Lite-On Award judges on the matter:

“‘‘Tech it easy’ means that technology can be simple. In other words, technology can have a simple design with easy to use functionalities and energy-saving features. We fully understand that any product with a seemingly simple design is usually the result of thoughtful design and precise execution. The Lite-On Award is very pleased to see that through this competition both designers and consumers were able to foresee a smart and simple life still focused on eco-friendliness and technological development in the future.”

Hear, hear!

Of course, bike lights are super useful, necessary, but these light above really take the concept a step further. And what a needed step that is. Combine this light with a visibelt and you’re set!

Source: Inhabitat

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  1. Real world conditions, nobody will notice those wimpy little lines on the tarmac. Photons thrown on the ground instead of at drivers’ eyes are wasted photons.

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