Invisible Bicycles & Levitation — Fun Freedom From Fossil Fuels With Celebrities

Ah, now here is a light version of Hillary and Bill as they keep it together after all these years. The couple levitates in harmony on the invisible power of bikes. Who knew they had such skills. Maybe they are studying transcendental mediation to match Bill’s veganism and keep their balance.

via Like Cool, reddit]

My Modern Met, published some great photos last week of these celebrities and others floating over invisible bikes, which they had found on a reddit channel dedicated to this. Below are a bunch more. Have fun view them:

via reddit cool it

Even Brad Pitt can match the charismatic groove of this Gangnam guy as he leads the way, with Miley Cyrus trailing a bit behind.

Somehow, I believe this sweet Pisces genius likes being included in the restructuring of transit via levitation and invisible bicycles. Look at that delightful smile on his face:

Via Reddit Cool it


Ever serious Leonardo DiCaprio cruising in deep contemplation.

My god, these are getting a bit addictive. Who’s next?

invisiblebicycles6LeBron James takes the ride restfully, with a stylishly laid-back cool, on his invisible bicycle.

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No better cure for moving on from troubled childhood to sustainable living, Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan take in the lively day on their (invisible) bikes.


Robert Downey Jr. simmers: “I am still Iron Man and I am making time, catching up with the Tour De France. Time space lapse now. In fact, I will take them over. ”

via reddit cool it

Via reddit cool it

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has really got his groove. Yes, forget the armored heavy image of the automobile — Gen X, Y, and Millennial generations shake off the shackles of fossil fuels, at the same time embracing the zen of invisible bicycle levitation.

Boris Johnson and Arnold Schwarzenegger decided to keep up with the others and show how much like the average person they are (or something like that):

Via Reddit and Cool it

vie reddit and cool it

Russell Crowe is always one for action. While Jesse Eisenberg, below, seems to be using his invisible bike in a very utilitarian sort of way.

via reddit and cool it


Jared Leto is also using his invisible bike in a utilitarian way, but he looks like he’s actually from the future, or a Back to the Future movie.

Images via reddit (h/t likecool and My Modern Met)

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