Happiest City in U.S.? (No Cars on Main Street, No Fast Food, No Smoking, Bike Valet)

Oprah recently featured San Luis Obispo, “America’s Happiest Town” (if the video above doesn’t work for you, that’s the link to it). Jenny McCarthy actually does the leg work for this video story. Highlighted features of the city are that it shut down its main street 40 years ago — “experts say if your town has wide sidewalks around a town square, you’re much more likely to be happy.” It was the first place in the world to ban smoking in public places, which it did in 1990. The town has also banned fast food drive-thrus,… but has valet bike parking.

Happiest town in the U.S.? It’s hard to make such a claim. But this place looks pretty nice and a lot of other towns or cities could learn a lesson from it.

Photo Credits: emdot; jp3d2k

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