Our Favorite Gifts for Cyclists | Part 4

Nifty Stocking Stuffers And More!

In our final installment of the Bikocity gift guide, here are a few gifts that show you care- either about your cyclist’s safety, people in need, or simply the clean kitchen floors. Happy Shopping! If there’s something dreamy we’ve missed, please let us know in the comments.

Photo Courtesy of MyBell


This digital horn is customizable, so you can tell motorists exactly what’s on your mind (like “THANK YOU FOR SEEING ME!”) or load your favorite tune.


fixit sticks
Photo Courtesy of Fix It Sticks

Fix It Sticks

One of the cleanest multi tools we’ve seen, the fix it sticks are light and versatile.


Miir bike
Photo Courtesy of Miir


The water bottle that gives back follows the Tom’s business model of buy one give one. Except instead of giving away water bottles, they’re donating something far more valuable- access to clean water. They’ve helped build 12 wells in developing countries. They’ve also expanded into bicycles, so each bicycle sold means one is donated.



Frosty3The Sock Guy

At Interbike, everyone loves the Sock Guy. Not just because it’s a fun booth, but they have an astounding selection of fun socks. And everyone loves fun socks. They even have a page devoted to stocking stuffers.


Photo Courtesy of RydeSafe

Rydesafe Reflective Stickers

These stickers come in a wide array of whimsical designs and great colors. You can even get matte black for the ultimate in stealth safety. They really pop when headlights hit them, as above.


Photo Courtesy of Velosock


For the fastidious home or pristine car interior where dirty bikes aren’t welcome, the Velosock will keep the dirt and tires from marking their environment.

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Written by Susanna Schick

Susanna's cycling career began happily on the back of dad's bike for after-dinner runs to the ice cream shop. At the age of 15 she got into scooters, then motorcycles and forgot all about bicycling until CicLAvia passed by her home in 2010. She decided to hop on and has been doing her best to survive LA traffic on 0 horsepower ever since.

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