Our Favorite Gifts for Cyclists | Part 3- Women Who Ride

As a woman who likes to ride with style, I know firsthand how hard it can be to find clothes that work on the pedals as well as they do in the office. Here’s a few that stand out for meeting both criteria. Betabrand also bears mentioning again (see our first segment here, gifts for everyone.) because of their excellent selection of bike to work clothes, some of which are downright feminine.

Terry sweatshirt
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Terry is a retailer that sells practically everything a female cyclist could need. They have performance and casual apparel, racing kits and skorts, even cute jewelry and fun gifts. Their huge selection of casual tops would all work great on the ride to work. Even better, they also make plus-sizes! By offering plus-sizes they’re serving roughly 50% of American women, many of whom ride too. And wait, it gets even better! Unlike so many apparel brands, most of their products are actually made in the USA, and you can shop exclusively “Made in USA”. So you can shop with peace, knowing that you’re helping support American jobs.

Vespertine dress
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Vespertine Haute Réflecture

Although they weren’t at Interbike this year, we fell in love with this brand in a shop in Portland. They’re pricier, but reflective and eco materials and manufacturing in small quantities in NYC aren’t cheap. For a really high-end, chic gift (they have men’s too!) this is it.

hustle and bustle
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Hustle & Bustle Rain Jacket

This gorgeous jacket really caught our eye. The sharp hourglass cut and couture-level seaming are stunning and flattering for most women. It’s made of water resistant fabric and features all kinds of trick details like reflective piping an inner layer for extra protection during storms. Because of course you’ll want to wear this jacket all year. Yes, it’s pricey, but she’s worth it, isn’t she? Best of all, it comes in a wide array of colors, which is almost unheard-of in outerwear. The brand, Georgia in Dublin, carries a cute range of rain apparel. Fitting, being based in Dublin.

Petal Power Magnet

Petal Power

Now this is the sort of gift best given by a woman, as some women might be offended if a man gave it to them. I saw their magnet in the toilet stall at Interbike, (as photographed above!) and didn’t see them mentioned anywhere else. Which is pure genius, as it’s in the toilet where ladies have to feel the effects of long hours of sweating in the saddle. Their “Joy Ride” system includes chamois cream designed for women as well as pre and post-ride cleansing products. This isn’t some chauvinist douche crap, but an important tool for preventing the infections and saddle sores that can come from long rides.

Petal Power Magnet back


When it comes to women’s cycling apparel, Velojoy seems to have written the definitive list here. Far easier to navigate than the acres of booths at Interbike! What’s at the top of your wish list this Holiday season? What sort of apparel do you wish existed for your rides?

Written by Susanna Schick

Susanna's cycling career began happily on the back of dad's bike for after-dinner runs to the ice cream shop. At the age of 15 she got into scooters, then motorcycles and forgot all about bicycling until CicLAvia passed by her home in 2010. She decided to hop on and has been doing her best to survive LA traffic on 0 horsepower ever since.

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