Cycling Without Age — Program In Copenhagen Giving Bike Rides To The Elderly

Some bicycle enthusiasts in Copenhagen recently came up with a great idea — organizing bike rides in the city for the elderly, via pedicabs. The new group, called “Cykling uden alder,” or “Cycling Without Age,” is providing free bike rides around the city to the elderly, hopefully helping to improve their quality of life.

Those in care homes for the elderly are often in need of outdoor activities and fresh air. And since many of those in Denmark grew up riding their bikes everywhere, why not take them on a bike trip? To aid in this purpose, those involved have now purchased a fleet of pedicabs from Christiania Bikes.

ageless cycling

cycling ageless

copenhagen cycling elderly

As the founder, Ole Kassow, has worded it, as per Copenhagenize’s coverage:

Cycling Without Age is about quality of life.
It’s about showing that the city is at it’s loveliest when seen from the cycle track. It’s about the fact that cyclists are happier. It’s about the fact that cyclists are healthier, live longer and are less ill. We want to promote that more people use their bicycle each day. There are already many that ride here in Copenhagen, but we can be many more. Especially children and the elderly. Everyone who met up here today (at the bike ride) are living examples that we can make a difference. Will you do me a favour and tell at least one person about this day and this bike ride and get that person to cycle more? If you do that, you’ll be a part of creating a better city and a better and happier Denmark.

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cycling elderly cargo bikes copenhagen

For those interested, make sure that you check out their Facebook page.

Photo Credits: Henriette Friis (via Cykling uden alder); Cykling uden alderCykling uden alder; Classic CopenhagenClassic Copenhagen

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