Chicago Takes Transportation To The Skies

A whole new form of public transportation may be coming to Chicago soon, one that literally flies over issues of road use — a sky gondola.

Sky Gondola Chicago 3

Framed more as a tourist attraction, the development would offer 30-minute rides and aerial views over the Chicago River. The concept is one of a few aimed at increasing visitors to the Windy City.

And while there are drawbacks to the idea (namely the aforementioned wind, and winter weather), the idea breathes fresh life into a city always in need of such.

Chicago Sky Gondola 1

It wouldn’t just benefit tourism either, it could viably transport residents making short trips within the traffic-heavy area. The route will run along the river, hitting popular spots such as the Navy Pier and Michigan Avenue.

Added bonus? The project will theoretically require no contribution from the city itself, outside of land for the posts — it will be privately backed. That makes one think — what other possibilities for unsubsidized public transportation are out there?

Chicago Sky Gondola 2

See a video rendering of the sky gondola on The Chicago Tribune.

Images by Crain’s

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