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Super Bike-Friendly Cafe In Zurich

This is certainly the most bike-friendly cafe I’ve ever seen: Using Google Translate, here’s the description under the video (translated from German): The city of Zurich presents the first Velokafi under the program Urban Transport 2025. The bicycle drive-in allows the coffee enjoyment, without getting off the bike. Idea, design, implementation: Serranetga AG Pretty cool. […]

April 22nd

Computers Like Bicycles For The Mind (Steve Jobs)

The most efficient species/vehicle on the planet: I studied bicycle planning (and planning in general) for my graduate studies. I recall learning that Congress in 1970 declared the bicycle the most efficient vehicle on the planet. There may be some fringe vehicles that beat it, but as far as common transportation vehicles go, I think […]

March 26th

Malmö, Sweden Bike Video

Think Sweden’s too far north to be bike friendly? Think again. Here’s a new video featuring the quite bike-friendly Malmö, Sweden:

March 20th

The Wonderifulous World Bike-Sharing Map!

This is sweet. An excellent compilation of existing, planned, or under construction bike-sharing programs around the world. It was put together by the bike-sharing-obsessed people over at the The Bike-sharing Blog, which is a product of Paul DeMaio / MetroBike, LLC and Russell Meddin. The map includes 2nd- and 3rd-generation bike-sharing programs (sorry, 1st-generationers). Check out the map, […]

March 15th

Bicycle Culture By Design

Mikael Colville-Andersen is a world-leading urban planning / transportation planning consultant. His focus is on human-powered transport, especially the bicycle, and humanizing cities (at least, that’s how I would summarize it). His blog, Copenhagenize, is one of the few urban planning blogs I follow, and I am pretty much always eager to check out his […]

December 1st

National Bike Summit, March 4-7 In Washington, DC

The time is nearly upon us, Fall will become Spring as fast as we cycle down our streets, and the time to gather together to show lawmakers and Washington how much we really do love to bike will be here. As many of us as possible need to show up at the National Bike Summit, the […]

October 19th