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North American Handmade Bicycle Show 2011 Preview – BikeRadar

BikeRadar recently previewed the 2011 North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Looks like a cool event. Here’s more: The seventh annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show is set to kick off February 25-27 in Austin, Texas and even though the event is still several weeks out, it’s already shaping up to the biggest and grandest iteration to […]

February 2nd

Intercity Bus: Fastest-Growing Form of Transit in U.S.

Intercity buses are actually extremely efficient modes of transport, even beating rail. Apparently, they are becoming more popular with the public these days as well. They were the fastest-growing mode of intercity transport for the third year in a row last year, according to a new report by DePaul University researchers called “The Intercity Bus: […]

February 2nd

Paris to Ban SUV’s?

The City of Lights could soon become the city without S.U.V.’s. Government officials in Paris are considering putting in effect a series of regulations that would heavily tax, or completely ban, S.U.V.’s and high-polluting, old diesel vehicles from entering the city center. That’s some recent news from perhaps my favorite city on the planet. One […]

February 2nd

Turkey Building Almost 100 High-Speed Train Stations

Here’s a full repost of the latest news regarding Turkey’s high-speed rail network, which we covered a month ago or so here on EcoLocalizer, via World Bulletin: Nearly 100 high-speed train stations will be built across Turkey for accommodation of high-speed trains. The train stations will be presented to auction with build-operate-transfer model. At least […]

February 1st

Most Promising High-Speed Rail Routes in U.S.

What are the most promising high-speed rail routes in the nation? A new report released by America 2050 evaluated 7,870 potential high-speed rail corridors across the country Here’s more on the report from the INFRASTRUCTURIST: To evaluate each corridor, the authors created a scoring system that weighed 12 factors that contribute to rail ridership, including […]

February 1st

First Subway System Started How Many Years Ago?

Know when the first subway system was launched? And where? Tony Long of Wired does. He recently wrote an interesting post on the history of subway systems around the world, starting with a little bit on the first subway system, which was launched this month in 1863. Here’s the intro: 1863: London inaugurates the world’s […]

January 28th

Transit: Huge Issue for Chicago Voters, Not on Potential Mayors’ Agenda

Chicagoans (yes, that would be residents of Chicago) love public transit. Even non-users support mass transit (maybe because it saves them a ton of time). But candidates running for Mayor of Chicago (election to be on Feb. 22) are hardly mentioning this topic… or transportation, in general, one of the most critical day-to-day issues for […]

January 28th

Caltrain Threatened with Service Cuts, Citizens to the Rescue?

The mobility of Caltrain’s 40,000 daily riders on the Peninsula and the South Bay could drastically suffer under deep service cuts being considered to close a $30 million budget gap, but a movement to get the commuter rail service agency out of the red and on a path toward long-term sustainability is gaining momentum. “Everyone […]

January 27th