Bike Infrastructure

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National Bike Summit, March 4-7 In Washington, DC

The time is nearly upon us, Fall will become Spring as fast as we cycle down our streets, and the time to gather together to show lawmakers and Washington how much we really do love to bike will be here. As many of us as possible need to show up at the National Bike Summit, the […]

October 19th

Bike-Friendly Communities See Bigger Increase In Bicycling (Infographic)

Here’s a completely counterintuitive finding — bike-friendly communities are seeing a greater increase in bicycling! Who would’ve thought? Bike-Friendly Communities Increase Biking (Infographic) (via Clean Technica)   Data from the latest American Community Survey shows that more people are riding their bikes in communities that make strategic investments for bicycles. No real surprise there. The […]

October 19th

More Bike-Friendly Communities Announced, Including LA, Nashville, and Miami

The League of American Bicyclists has announced another list of “Bicycle Friendly Communities.” Here’s more from Charis Michelsen of CleanTechnica: More Bicycle Friendly Communities for the U.S. — Los Angeles, Miami, and Nashville (via Clean Technica)   Bicycle friendly communities are exactly what it says on the tin — communities taking steps to make cycling […]

October 19th

Atlanta’s 1st Colored Bike Lane!

Colored bike lanes are one of my favorite things in the world. They make the greenest form of transportation (bicycling, of course) safer and more attractive. They grant bikers much more respect on the road. In Florida, I’ve been yelled at to get out of the road while I was biking in a bike lane […]

October 8th

#4 Copenhagen, Denmark: Great Bicycle City Photo Tour

Home of the upcoming climate change conference, Copenhagen is #4 in this great bicycle city photo tour series. With about 55% of trips being by bicycle, Copenhagen is an amazing place to visit or live if you like bicycling. The photos to follow give you a taste of this great bicycle city. From dogs on […]

November 11th

#6 Groningen, Netherlands: Great Bicycle City Photo Tour

Groningen would be number one on this list if we were looking at percentage of residents who bicycle for transportation purposes. About 57% of travel in Groningen is by bicycle! The city has been named the world’s best bicycle city a couple of times (1993 and 2006). It is a university city which is part […]

October 30th