Bike Helmet With Bike Turn Signals

I’m all for simple cycling. I consider myself a Dutch-style cyclist — in other words, I simply get on my bike (with normal clothes on) and ride away at a comfortable pace. No need to complicate things and turn bicycling into some kind of high-tech insider’s club. That ruins the simply, efficient appeal of it for me.

However, once in awhile, a practical new tech (or idea, as in the case below) comes along that seems worth pursuing.

It’s no secret that bicyclists aren’t exactly respected (or sometimes seen) an many roads. Cargo bikes might help solve that (in cases where it makes sense to be riding a cargo bike), a greater number of bicyclists on the road helps, bike infrastructure makes a big difference, colorful and bright clothing helps (as long as it doesn’t blind the driver), and innovative lights may or may not (see the comment at the bottom of that post) make a difference.

Previous lighting ideas I liked were these visibelts and these DIY armband turn signals. Another cool option would be the helmet-embedded turn signals in the design in the images and video below. One big benefit of these, of course, is that they’re part of the helmet — so it’s one fewer thing to put on (assuming you are not biking in a bike-friendly European city where they don’t wear helmets).

Check out this video of the DORA bicycle helmet concept created by Balázs Filczer:

And here are several still images of the concept bike helmet:

dore bike helmet design

dora bike helmet side

dora bike helmet

dora bike helmet back

dora bike helmet options

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