Bicycle Thief Caught By Bike Ninja (VIDEO)

On 62nd and Broadway, someone with a camera (Emil) observed a large man removing a wheel from a bicycle owned by Lenny’s Deli.

Emil said that the man was much larger than him and was carrying a potentially dangerous tool, as well, but he decided to pursue him anyway, “Ninja Style.” As the large man walked away with the wheel, Emil followed him while recording. He called to the man and said, “Smile. I got you on camera.” He then asked if it was his wheel. The man replied that it was, even though it apparently wasn’t.

As seen in the video, Emil asked why he took the wheel, but the man’s reply was inaudible, so i’m unable to tell you. The man claimed he worked at Lenny’s. Emil didn’t buy that at all, so he told him to return the wheel, but the man continued to walk away. He then finally said: “Want me to call the cops?” The man then said, “no, I’ll put it back”.

He returned the wheel, but then walked down the street and tried to steal another! Emil followed him stealthily and caught him stealing that one too, so he called the police and the man was detained.

Imagine if we had more people like Emil in the world!

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