Bicycle Accessories — Which Are Reliable & Right For You? CycleLogistics Consumer Test Report

The things we carry on our bicycles: groceries, children, laptops, flowers, large bags, Teddy’s terrier, mulch for the garden — in other words, what don’t we carry on our bicycles? Thanks to a recent consumer test, organized and managed by the Danish Cyclist Federation, not only will we soon know what accessories are reliable and made to last, but we will find things we didn’t know we needed.

Want a shopping trailer that you can bring into the store with you and then simply hook on to your bike and glide home? Alternatively, want a full cargo bike for the children, the monkeys, or business? Which one should you get? CycleLogistics can help.

Photo credit: Mikael Colville-Andersen / / CC BY-NC-ND
Photo credit: Mikael Colville-Andersen / / CC BY-NC-ND

The tests were done on behalf of CycleLogistics, The European Cyclists Federation, and all of us bicycle impassioned folks. In a span of five days, a test of bicycles and bicycle accessories, organized and managed by the Danish Cyclist Federation, who know everything there is to know about bicycles and then know some more, streamlined our choices for good products. The testers were knowledgeable, seasoned participants who know wares, needs, and musts for a bicyclist. They gave an unbiased review.

CycleLogistics  consumer tests

Copenhagenize has a little more background:

As you are hopefully already aware, CycleLogistics is an EU-funded project that aims to reduce the energy used in moving goods around cities. We try to influence businesses, delivery companies and private individuals to turn off the engine and pedal their way around town instead. As a part of this project, we ran consumer tests to help the average citizen become more aware of the products out there to help them equip their bikes for more intense transport.

And it has results.. “The full results from each of the 5 category test are available for download here. Want to read it in your native language? No problem! CycleLogistics has produced a consumer test report in 7 different languages, available for each and every category. Be sure to read them through and share them with your networks – spread the word, find your favorites and see how these products work for you.”

Thanks to Copenhagenize and crew for the help!

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