Author: James Ayre

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Moovit Provides Info On 110 Bikesharing Systems

Bikeshare program information for 110 different major cities around the world is now available in just a single smartphone app — the trip planning app Moovit — according to recent reports. The new update for the app (version 4.8) even allows users to check on the number of bikes available for use, and the number […]

January 26th

New Bicycle Saddle That Prevents Chafing, Pain, & Other Damage Associated With The Genital Area

A unique new bicycle saddle design — one that effectively prevents chafing, pain, and other common forms of damage associated with the genital area, such as impotence and prostatitis — has been created by researchers at the University of Alicante. The new design is — essentially — just a hinged articulated saddle where the coccyx-support […]

July 17th

Divvy — Bike-Sharing System Debuting In Chicago In June

In just a month, Chicago will finally have its own large-scale bike-sharing program, providing thousand of bikes to residents via hundreds of solar-powered stations spread throughout the city. The system, dubbed Divvy, will debut in June with a few hundred bikes spread throughout 75 solar-powered docking stations. It is supposed to rapidly expand after that, […]

April 30th