Author: Nicholas Brown

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Bicycle Thief Caught By Bike Ninja (VIDEO)

On 62nd and Broadway, someone with a camera (Emil) observed a large man removing a wheel from a bicycle owned by Lenny’s Deli. Emil said that the man was much larger than him and was carrying a potentially dangerous tool, as well, but he decided to pursue him anyway, “Ninja Style.” As the large man […]

November 6th

OMG! A Bike That Dispenses And Pops Bubble Wrap!

Whenever I unpackage new items, they come with small pieces of bubble wrap… as I’m sure is the same for many of you. But as a kid, they were always too small, especially for someone that loved popping bubble wrap like my sister. Now there is a bicycle that will both dispense bubble wrap and […]

August 15th

4.4 Million Miles Of Annual Driving ($704,000 Of Gas) Cut Thanks To Capitol Bikeshare

Members of the Capital Bikeshare service drive 4.4 million miles (198 miles on average per person) less annually. Yep, that’s the average from 22,200 people. If these members all drove average cars that achieved 25 MPG, they would have saved 176,000 gallons of gasoline.¬†That translates into gasoline savings of $704,000 per year, assuming a cost […]

May 30th