#6 Groningen, Netherlands: Great Bicycle City Photo Tour

Student City

This is not just one long line of student bicyclists going to school that I luckily caught one morning. There was line after line like this for ages during the “rush hour” to school every morning. I actually lived right above the main (only) road going between the city and the main part of the university (on a corner edge of the city) and it hit me one day that it was such a quiet road (with just the sounds of broken bikes — many are in the Netherlands — going ‘click click’ or bike bells going ‘ding ding’ as bicyclists passed each other). It was such a nice street to live on, but if that were car traffic it would be horrible because of the noise and air pollution. It made me realize the great importance of how bicycling reduces noise pollution as well as more well-known environmental pollution.

bikes may end up on the bottom of the canal after a long night at the pub

bikes may turn into birds

Image Credit 1: Zachary Shahan
Image Credit 2: Akbar Simonse via flickr under a Creative Commons license
Image Credit 3: Margriet PR via flickr under a CC license

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