#6 Groningen, Netherlands: Great Bicycle City Photo Tour

Bike Parking

Endless Bike Parking at the Train Station & Double-Decker Parking

You can’t capture this on camera at all because much further than you can see there are more bicycles. But here is a small glimpse.

Bike Parking or Bike Suicide?

Not sure what’s going on here. It looks like some people parked their bikes in a strange way or a cleaning person needed to move them to clean the ground or the bikes are hanging themselves.

Secure Bike Parking

Image Credits 1-2, 7-8, 10-12, 14, 16-17: Zachary Shahan
Image Credits 3-6: Janis Andins
Image Credit 9: VirtualErn via flickr under a Creative Commons license
Image Credit 13: Harry-Harms via flickr under a CC license
Image Credit 15: Harry-Harms via flickr under a CC license

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