#6 Groningen, Netherlands: Great Bicycle City Photo Tour

Bike Intersections

Bike Boxes

There are colored boxes at several intersections for bicyclists, giving them priority, keeping them safe, and giving them greater prestige — 1st class.


The Netherlands has A LOT of roundabouts, and in Gronigen they also contain lanes for bicyclists.

All Bikes Go On Green

Instead of giving green lights to bicyclists and cars going in the same direction at the same time, all the bike lights are green at the same time (while all the automobile lights are red). It works quite well and I never saw a crash while I was living there (approximately 5 months).

This one below is in the center of the city center (downtown) — essentially, the main intersection in the city. Here you can see one delivery truck, about ten bicyclists and a few pedestrians, quite a normal situation. At rush hour, you really have to sit there and wait sometimes for an opening in the bike traffic. With cars instead of bikes, though, the wait would probably be ten times longer.

Bike Speed Bumps Before Dangerous Intersections & Driveways

Bike Only Entrances

Well, bikes and small scooters.

Bike Buttons to Trigger the Lights

Image Credits 1-16: Zachary Shahan

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