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1050 Bicycle Friendly Businesses

Bicycling is enjoying a renaissance with strong growth worldwide, and certainly notable growth in the US. Things have improved in the 21st century, with more than 1,050 visionary local businesses now included in the “Bicycle Friendly Businesses” program of the League of American Bicyclists. These top bicycle-friendly businesses are located in 47 states and Washington, DC.

There are a multitude of reasons for regular bicycling, but businesses can make it much more convenient and safer to bike with supportive policies, and they can even pay them to do so! notes that “government agencies and Fortune 500 companies from across the country that are changing the script on what it means to provide a top-notch experience and atmosphere for employees and customers alike.”

You can check out new members to the League’s list or all member at the following links:  List of 2015 awardees | List of all BFB awardees.

bike friendly businesses

“The business community’s investment in bicycling is playing a central role in making the country a safer, happier, and more sustainable place to live and work,” said Amelia Neptune, League Bicycle Friendly Business Program Manager. “We applaud this new round of businesses for leading the charge in creating a bicycle-friendly America for everyone.”

Importantly, favorable bicycle-friendly atmospheres affect everyone. These organizations offset problems before they can arise with more energized yet calm and focused employees. Good work and steady mental acuity naturally follow, as do lowered healthcare costs.

Regarding one of the unique new leaders, shares, “The Architect of the Capitol, which employs 2,300 staff and oversees the maintenance and operation of all congressional buildings and land throughout Capitol Hill, received a Bronze award this round.” Through joint efforts, the government agency has been working collaboratively with the Congressional Bike Caucus. Rebirth of the Federal Interagency Bike Working Group as occurred “as a means to share best practices within the federal community.”

“We are so pleased to make the US Capitol campus a more welcoming place for biking commuters and the visiting public,” said Architect of the Capitol, Stephen T. Ayers. “It is rewarding to be recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Business and to know that we have a passionate group of employees who implemented a cohesive program to achieve this recognition.”

Hewlett-Packard, another new awardee, achieved the new Bronze-level awardee position. With the company’s 1,900 employees at its Fort Collins, Colorado, location, one finds lunch-and-learn seminars on the site. The workshops focus on “bicycling tips, such as winter riding, basic rules of the road and more.”

“HP takes great pride in supporting community wellness and environmental protection,” Hewlett-Packard in Fort Collins said in a statement. “We are proud to be part of the movement to make bicycling fun and safe for everyone.”

Image Credit: Papillionaire shares some new business ideas for how to add to an already bicycle-friendly business:

“If you’d like to get a piece of the clean transportation action with your green business, one of the exciting new markets is electric bikes, or ebikes, which are getting lighter and more efficient, with longer ranges, every day.”

“Whether you start your electric bike shop, add electric bicycles to an existing new or used bike shop, or start selling ebikes and accessories as an extension of an existing green business, the future is bright for those passionate about widening the reach of appropriate and affordable human-sized transportation.”

For the safety of both driver and cyclist, a bicyclist needs to become an expected person in the flow of traffic, one to consider. Check out “Safe Commuting By Bicycle” for more on tha..

To apply or learn more about the BFB program, visit

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Images via and Papillionaire

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